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Our dear old "bless his heart" will be 17 in September, and although very frail, he still maintains his dignity, enjoying life on his terms. And what are those, you might well ask. I would have to say that the household revolves around him, whether the Goldens like it or not! Fortunately, they are patient and understanding for their part, and Oty is still very undemanding for his. It is his biddable, gentle nature that carries the day. He has some eccentricities and they make him very much a personality that will be missed when he is gone. For instance: although stone deaf, he is the first to know the biscuit tin has been opened from two rooms away, and day or night, he is always the first to know when our car drives in the lane, although he is tucked up inside the house! No dog ever appreciated mealtime more, and he starts his Oty dance - three steps forward and two back - atleast an hour before every meal! It is always accompanied by his rhythmic whine; no point telling him to stop - he can't hear us anyway! It is amazing that he needs no special diet, and eats with gusto what all of our dogs are fed. Veggies and yogourt are favourite treats! Oty still sleeps through an eight hour night, on his cozy bed in front of the woodstove, waking most mornings about 7 o'clock, ready for another day. He has never had an accident in the house, and we credit his cast iron bladder and great control, but being "extremely" senior, we know this could change. If he could talk, Oty would tell us that if we could only fix his back legs, he'd be good for another 16 - plus! He is on Medicam, truly a wonder drug that has given him a great quality of life for many years. He has lots of non - slip rugs and beds, and we try to ensure there is always one available for him, but the Goldens love their creature comforts, too! And do they sprawl! He loves our other dogs, as well as our two cats, and enjoys cuddling with any of them. One day recently, I corralled the Goldens for some pictures, thinking the afternoon sun coming through the window would make pretty highlights on their coats. Anticipating some jostling and foolery, I left Oty sleeping in another room. Ha! Next thing I knew, he was in the midst of them, and they were lying very calmly around him. Pictures were taken, and the results can be seen below, and in our photo gallery. We treasure these photos, and hope there might be more opportunities like this. For now, I'll finish with a very current glimpse of life with Oty. Our three Golden girls have just finished being in season, at the same time. Our two intact boys have been antsy, to put it mildly, but this is understandable. However, it was our long - since neutered "frisky senior" who followed them around the yard with an undeniable spring in his step! Oh Oty, what a zest for life you have.........

"We're all here!"

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