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We got our first Golden Retriever in the mid – nineties, for me to work with in Obedience, and have been totally committed to the breed ever since. Our dogs live, travel, and play with us as "extended family", and sharing time with them brings deep joy and contentment. Together, we participate in a number of activities, including Obedience, Conformation, and the great fun of Musical Freestyle, or “dancing with dogs”. Several of our Goldens also make regular Therapy visits to our local hospital, a job loved by all! It took a great deal of soul-searching before deciding to become a Breeder. Producing puppies is all too easy to do – unfortunately. As a result, animal shelters and rescue groups carry the sad burden of untold careless backyard and puppy mill breeding. On the other hand, breeding the occasional healthy, sound, planned-for litter takes knowledge, work and commitment. “Spare” time spent studying pedigrees, doing online research, attending seminars, reading reference material, and learning from others who have much to share, helps to ensure an investment in quality, not quantity. Our Golden Retrievers come primarily from English and Scandinavian bloodlines. Early on, I fell in love with their sturdy bodies, lovely heads, coats in varying shades of cream to mid-gold, wonderful dark pigment, and soft, even temperaments. Combined with a joyful, willing to please attitude, and great work ethic, these are the qualities that we work to produce consistently in our dogs. Please refer to the *Breed Standard* on our Links page. This lists the characteristics to look for in a Golden Retriever. You will also find links to articles on choosing a reputable breeder, why the Golden Retriever may not be the breed for you, and other related topics. Since beginning this Golden journey, I have been helped enormously along the way by people who really know dogs, and have shared that knowledge so generously with me. I want especially to thank my dear friend, Carole Brechbill, of Shaynedoro Golden Retrievers, from whom I have been learning since the first day we met, and who has trusted me with so much. And Max and Elaine Brent, of One Ash, for my beautiful Tattle ( One Ash Speak No Evil, CDX ), an extraordinary Foundation Bitch. Everything one could hope for - brains, temperament, and type. And such an amazing mom! I could never have imagined what she would pass on to future generations. The most appropriate way I can think to express my gratitude, is to show that all the effort made on my behalf has instilled in me the unwavering determination to do only what is best for our beloved Goldens! ************************************************************* We Are Members Of : ~THE CANADIAN KENNEL ClUB ~ ~THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB OF CANADA ~ THE OTTAWA VALLEY GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB ~ ~THE ENGLISH GOLDENS IN NORTH AMERICA AND UNITED KINGDOM GOLDEN RETRIEVER GROUPS ~ ~CANADIAN GOLDEN RESCUE ~ ************************************************************** ******** For Your Consideration ******** Recently, there has been a surge of interest in "white" or "rare British white" Golden Retrievers, and a market to supply the demand has flourished. While the Golden Retriever comes in “various shades of gold” according to the *Breed Standard*, white is not one of them. For this reason, we will never sell a puppy based on colour alone. As well, there is no such animal as a "Nordic Golden" ! Please don't be misled, or pay highly inflated prices for a dog presented as such. While there will always be a demand for what’s new, the entire gene pool can be affected when dogs are bred without genuine concern, for not only our own puppies, but ultimately the well-being of the Golden Retriever as a breed. *************************************************************** I would be happy to receive your comments or questions. Please don't hestate to contact me for further information. :  

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Email: Barbara Ann Savary
Ontario  K0A 2R0


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